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【Company Profile】

        Fittech is founded in Jun. 2004 with the most elite R&D team composed of various fields including Automatic Control, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Vision Application, Optoelectronic Measurement, Electrical Control, and Circuit Design. The main business of Fittech is to provide automatic equipment especially for LED industry during LED manufacturing processes. The first product to step into this field is called “IPT series - LED Probing System with Integrated Tester.”.

        As a result of having an integrated R&D team, Fittech is one of very few providers in this field which are capable to integrate the probing system and the tester system into one system. The integration enhances the operating effectiveness and with which many important functions can be designed into the program. With a faith to become a “Rank No. 1” company in this field, our R&D team have been spending a lot of time on the effort of integration, and fortunately the concept of integration of IPT series has soon been a new trend in LED field and has been identified and adopted by many main LED upstream manufacturing firms.

        Based on the successful experience of IPT series, Fittech's R&D team started to develop some advanced equipment for Solar Cell industry such as a bin sorter for silicon solar cells. Besides, we also develop some semi-automatic equipment such as optoelectronic measurement system specialized for unique packaged of high power LED in downstream application of LED.

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