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【Company Characteristics】

        Fittech's R&D team believes that the solid theory background is the foundation to develop good equipment for customers. Besides, we always keep a modest, broad-minded attitude to face every challenge and criticism coming from our customers or competitors. With this faith we can gradually feel the trust and belief feeding back from our customers. We conclude three characteristics for Fittech :
Completed R&D team : A team with various fields such as automatic control, mechanical design, mechanical vision application, optoelectronic measurement, electrical control, and circuit design.
Capabilities in customization : We can provide the most capable and appropriate service of customization based on our completed R&D team. We have enough knowledge to design equipment which may need different fields of knowledge. What the most important is we are pleased to provide our customers with the best solution if we are capable to achieve it.
Much emphasis on after-sale service : We regard every chance to provide service as an important asset to improve Fittech's R&D capabilities. 

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