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【OEM Service】
        2014 Fittech began offering OEM service: LED wafer/chip professional OEM service within
     MES system management & Laser micromachining OEM service.
♦  LED chip OEM professional OEM service include: optoelectronic measurement, AOI, sorter,
     visual inspection
♦  Laser micromachining OEM service include: Cutting or Drilling
【Content Detection】
Electrical test : (VF, IR, VR), ESD (4000V), brake fluid Thyristor
Light test: visible (blue, green, red)
Product chip size automated classification levels (level), LED die flip, expand operations, and SMT pick seizure operations
AOI visual inspection can be detected bad cut, scratches, chipping, cracking, Pad and other types of defects
The pick of high-performance inspection machines, AOI equipment, optical testing machine and the surrounding fixtures and other hardware and software engineering analysis and technical support
【OEM Advantage】
Fittech integration of resources
♦  Professional and automated testing of photovoltaic R & D personnel and equipment
♦  Professional manufacturer of equipment
♦  Professional Measurement Technology Consulting
Professional technical team
♦  With equipment operation and experience in production management and technical team
♦  Combining Saultech technology resources to enhance professional and technical capacity
MES Production Information Management System
♦  Master the production of information, enhance the quality and efficiency
♦  Provide quality tracking information to implement quality improvement
♦  Production process foolproof mechanism
♦  Establish customer data communication platform
The rapid expansion of production capacity of
♦  Equipment : point of measurement (Fittech), classification (Fittech x Saultech) short delivery
♦  Venue : its own plant
♦  Staff : complete education and training system, experienced cadres
♦  Cleanliness : Class 10K
♦  Area : 900 square meters
♦  Humidity : 22 ± 3 ° C
No.3, Gongyequ 35th Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:+886-4-2350-2319 FAX:+886-4-2350-4502
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