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Semi-auto Laser micromachining integrated system

Semi-auto Laser micromachining integrated system

Applications: 200x200 mm
Main application materials : Glass, Silicon, Metal, PCB for Scribing, Cutting & Drilling
♦ Laser with stable precision optical system and semiconductor grade control system to
   achieve high efficiency and precision machining purposes, eliminating the need for
Tool replacement costs and time, with respect to the more rapid and precise
♦ With a high-resolution vision system to judge post-processing of the registration
   function check processing drawings and the actual situation of the product, reduce
Manually relative error bit and their products, improve processing efficiency and
   accuracy, real-time
tracking and processing status
♦ customized software, simple operation, suitable for various shapes and processing,
   import AutoCAD files can be processed with the calculation of the best route,
   Not only take into account the efficiency and precision of the advantages and provide
   the best and complete solutions and services
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