About FitTech

Professional Corporation of Developing Automatic Equipment
and System Integration
for the Optoelectronic,  Semiconductor & Laser Industry.


FitTech established in 2004, and publicly listed company on the Taiwan Stock in 2019. FitTech committed to developing LED test equipment for over a decade, and pioneered integrating LED prober and tester system. FitTech distribute our products all over the world with our own brand, and became the world's largest LED testing and sorting system supplier. In recent years, by seeing the growth of the fiber optics and 3D sensing industry, FitTech invest in laser diode (LD) testing solutions for VCSEL/ PD/ DFB/ FP.

Steadily expanding in the optoelectronic field, FitTech also ventured with the strong R&D team into the research and development of laser micromachining systems and laser machines for metal processing, such as drilling, cutting, marking, ink system, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, etc.

Step into the world with own brand

FitTech expanded the market with our own brand to China, Asia and all over the world. Based in Taiwan, with deep cultivation in China, FitTech provides services globally. FitTech has a strong financial structure, and the capabilities of high-precision mechanical designs, development and independent integration of software, and rapid manufacturing. To speed up our service and meet client’s needs, FitTech has sales agents in China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. Moreover, in Suzhou and Xiamen, China, local after-sales service is available.