LCM 3121

Laser Cleaning System

Laser cleaning system

LCM 3121 Laser Cleaning System is exclusive design for cleaning automotive drive shafts and other shaft pieces. With auto rotating design and software control, It can reduce labor cost and optimize cleaning precision.

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  • Markets:

    Automotive drive shafts/ Valve manufacture/ Metal industry

  • Applications:

    Cleaning rust, oil paint, oil stain, welding bead, etc.

  • Materials:

    Stainless steel, iron, copper, etc. metal materials




Why Laser Clean - Advantages and applications




Laser cleaning is the process of removing oxide, coating, contaminated, dust, etc. layers on metal surface by laser irradiation. Compare with traditional clean methods (i.e. chemical, sandblast, dry ice and supersonic clean, etc.), laser clean machine is an extremely gentle, faster, and eco-friendly clean method without requiring consumables.


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Our Design


360° all-angle cleaning

By multiple setting function, clean angle, clean width and parameter are adjustable due to different part of every workpiece.

Rotating Axle Design

With rotating axle design, LCM3121 provides automatically way to clean workpiece for limit 20 kg workpiece. For workpieces with anti-rust oil, accumulator tray is optional.

Instinctive UI Design

With FitTech self-own exclusive software, it is easy to operate and switch specific parameters for different workpieces.



Multiple parameter setting is available, users can switch to different modes for cleaning.



Applications and Cleaning Sample



Welding Bead cleaning



Smooth Surface Cleaning



Depression and Elevation angle cleaning



Groove cleaning



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Two laser clean system models of FitTech

Model50w 100w
Laser typeFiber laserFiber laser
Scanning width1mm~100mm1mm~100mm
Power supply 220V 220V
X Axis Max. Travel Stroke 330mm 330mm
Z Axis Max. Travel Stroke 730 mm 730 mm
θ Axis Rotation range 77.5° 77.5°


FitTech, with professional in electro-optical technology and years integration experiences, we provide customized integration service. Contact us for more information. We also provide handheld laser clean machine, for customers with mobile requirement, huge workpieces, or different shapes cleaning.



Why FitTech?


FitTech focus on design and manufacturing photoelectric related system. We provide accurate and exquisite processing quality with leading R&D capability.

With well experienced and our completed and elite R&D team, customized such as automated, integrated with robot, system integration, etc. are all available.

FitTech's Laser Clean Machine are minority laser clean machines that design and manufactured in Taiwan. And we also provide instance after service by our elite technical team.




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