FCM 8101X

Auto laser via drilling system

Auto laser via drilling system

High speed, reliable and low maintenance system

Multi-fuctional laser application, including through via drilling (THV) / Routing / Patterning / Marking: Character, 2D Matrix

  • Markets

    Semi-conductor/ Opto-electrical /PCB industry

  • Applications

    Through via drilling (THV) / Routing / Patterning / Marking: Character, 2D matrix

  • Materials

    PCB / Ceramic substrate, metal sheet



Advantages of Laser laser via drilling


Fittech integrate high-efficiency laser and high-precision working system, by controlling microprocessor, high efficiency/quality drilling is achievable. It can be performed on various materials such as DPC Thin-Film ceramic, semi-conductive, PCB or metal sheet, etc.


 Mechanical drilling Laser drilling



FCM8101X Auto laser via drilling system


Fittech laser micromachining system is designed specifically for DPC Thin-Film ceramic substrate Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) or Aluminum nitride (AlN) manufacturers to achieve better results with high throughput, high accuracy and high quality. We thrive on providing a service or product that advances product design or manufacture.


High reliability

Granite base ensures ultimate stability particularly for applications where high precision and positional accuracy are important.

Self-owned optical system design team

Fittech support custom optical system design for a specific application, to solve existing problem and overcome bottleneck, we make what others cannot.

Instinctive user interface

Fittech develops hardware, software, integrate application engineering experience, we build up instinctive user interface to meet customer needs.



Laser application


Less burr / Less debris

Less heat-affected zone (HAZ)

High via circularity

High consistency


ApplicationDBC/DPC substrates
ProcessLaser via Drilling、Patterning 、Marking
Panel Size3”x 3”~ 5.5”x 7.5”
Panel Thickness≤ 1mm
Via Diameter≥ 30um
Dimension1430 x 1730 x 2065mm
Weight2000 kgs
Power 220V


Fittech is a laser micromachining expert, we exceed what traditional manufacturing limits and match laser technology with process application. Our innovation transform single-process laser systems into flexible, multi-functional, multi-process laser system that improved laser performance and broadened the laser service offerings. You get drilling, marking and V-cut process in one station.




Why FitTech?


FitTech focus on design and manufacturing photoelectric related system. We provide accurate and exquisite processing quality with leading R&D capability.

With well experienced and our completed and elite R&D team, customized such as automated, integrated with robot, system integration, etc. are all available.

FitTech's Laser cutting/drilling Machine that design and manufactured in Taiwan. And we also provide instance after service by our elite technical team.



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