CSR Social Responsibility

Take from society / Give back to society

Talent Training Program

FitTech cooperated with academic institutions in organizing and participating business site visits, internship opportunities, lectures and research projects actively. Through creating and strengthening beneficial relationships with universities, FitTech assists students with their future career plans.

Creating a fair and equal workplace

FitTech provides the employees with an equal and sharing working condition, without any gender inequality or sexual orientation discrimination. All employees are entitled to all benefits, including menstrual leave, maternity leave, accompanying maternity leave, marital leave, etc. In addition to statutory welfare, we offer additional welfare such as and wedding subsidies, childbirth subsidies.

Contributing to society

Creating more job opportunities & disabled-friendly workplace. FitTech built a strong foundation in Taiwan.
We also offer internships for students and create a disabled-friendly workplace.

Participating in charity events

Fittech supports vulnerable groups with actions by participating in charity events. Fittech also donates to the SFang Cultural and Educational Foundation and the BOYO social welfare foundation.