Business philosophy

organizational or corporate culture

Integrity, Innovation, Improving, Quality」is the spirit of FitTech,
also the philosophy and strategy of management and quality policy.

Integrity and responsible Faith, trust and satisfaction
Focus on innovation research and development capabilities
The pursuit of excellence The pursuit of the total quality improvement and unsurpassed
Continuous improvement Continued to improve, optimize production and efficiency, improve the quality
Creating advantages
by strategic alliance and
mutually beneficial cooperation

To successfully meet all-round needs from clients and avoid repeatedly using resources to invest in the domestic industry, FitTech cooperated with SAULTECH (2014) and ShiQi (2016) to become strategic alliance, with brand image for the production, sales and after-sales service. LED sorter gained 70% of market share within only three years. This proves that cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprise is a real winning strategy to concur the market in the domestic industry.

We win together,
We share together

Our top management leads this big team equally with open mind. Each department maintains good communication, exchanges information equally to obtain the consistency and true facts. Employees are FitTech's largest assets, all sharing common benefits. We build a good working environment and harmonious labor relations. FitTech provides more than 15% of staff dividends, which is higher than the average in the industry.