FCM 7224

Auto dual-laser strip marking system

Auto dual-laser strip marking system
Equipped with dynamic visual positioning system and powerful suction device, it can improve production quality.

Precision and efficiency laser marking system from FitTech provides multiple marking forms, including texts, numbers, barcodes, 2D code, QR code, etc., for product identification and traceability through the manufacturing process.

  • Markets:

    Semi-conductor/ Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Applications:

    Graphic, QR code, content, etc. marking

  • Materials:

    lead frame, substrate types and side-rail




Applications of Strip Marking

Customized integration of optical system.



Font size 600um


Code 2000*2000um


Font size 110um


■ Support various lead frame, substrate types, and side-rail 2D code marking.

■ Dynamic Visual Positioning System.

■ Self-owned R&D team designed optical module and laser S/W integration.

■ Smart system, implement the SECS/GEM standard.

■ Powerful suction mechanism.

■ Post-mark inspection (optional).


Sample of Strip Marking

Highly-readable marks and High quality.



Font size 750um




2D Code

Font size 1800*1800um


English font & Numbers



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Why FitTech?


FitTech focus on design and manufacturing photoelectric related system. We provide accurate and exquisite processing quality with leading R&D capability.

With well experienced and our completed and elite R&D team, customized such as automated, integrated with robot, system integration, etc. are all available.

FitTech's Laser cutting/drilling Machine that design and manufactured in Taiwan. And we also provide instance after service by our elite technical team.



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General Specifications 

Item Specification
Loader/ Offloader

Slot magazine: 5 in, 5 out (standard)

Stacker :2 in, 2 out (optional)


Substrate / Lead frame size(W) 40mm-100mm * (L) 180mm-300mm
Warpage≦ 5mm
Marking repeatability± 15μm
Marking accuracy± 20μm
PC ControlWindows Base. 1 PC or dual PC are available
CleaningBrush and particle exhaust 
Dimension & weight(W) 3560mm * (D) 2000mm * (H) 1960mm, 2500 KgsDimension