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What is Laser Cleaning?


✹ Principles of laser cleaning-How it works

✹ Advantages of laser clean

✹ Applications of laser clean

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Principles of laser cleaning-How it works

Laser cleaning is the process of removing oxide, coating, contaminated, dust, etc. layers on metal surface by laser irradiation. By absorbing the energy of high peak pulse power laser beam, the target layer evaporates quickly. In contrast to the target layer, the metal surface below would safe without damage due to its low absorption feature.


Advantages of laser clean


Compare with traditional clean methods (i.e. chemical、sandblast、dry ice and supersonic clean, etc.), laser clean machine is an extremely gentle, faster, and eco-friendly clean method without requiring consumables. Laser Clean Machine is easy to use. It could also be integrated with automatic system to meet different applications/industry requirements, and accuracy control clean area.


Method Laser cleanChemical pickling Sand blasting Dry Ice
Contact MethodNone Contact ContactContactContact
DamageNearly None LowHighMedium
AccuracyHigh LowLowLow
PollutionNone HighHighNone
ConsumableNearly None Chemical LiquidAluminum steel ballsDry Ice


Applications of laser clean


Rust remove

Laser clean can remove rust without substrate or surface damage, environment pollution and consumable cost.

Welding Bead cleaning

Welding joint process would generate black soldiers road on surface. Laser allows for control ablation it in seconds.

Coating remove

Laser cleaning can provide high micron-sized level clean for removing coating by accuracy energy control.



Mold clean

Oxide will impact yield rate of the following processing. Compared with other methods, laser clean can efficiently remove oxide without damage and impact the accuracy of mold.

Paint-coat clean

For cleaning paint-coat, comparing with pickling of its complex process, laser clean is the high efficiency, accuracy, and eco-friendly method.

Heat treating film clean

Manual grinding is usual way to clean heat-treating film, but inefficiency and ineffective for the heavy layer. Laser clean is a better choice due to its high efficiency and accuracy.



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Laser clean product of FitTech

FitTech provides two types of machines, handheld and automated model for customers in different fields and using.


ModelHandheld Model - LCM3101Automated Model - LCM3121
AccuracyLow - hand controlHigh – by program setting
labor costMoreLess
Target audience1. Workpieces with different shapes
2. Not require high cleaning accuracy
3. Multiple Working Environments
1. Workpieces with similar shapes and mass
2. Require high cleaning accuracy
3. Want to reduce labor cost


FitTech, a professional company in optoelectronic and semiconductor equipment integrated. With complete, elite, and experienced R&D team, we provide customized equipment by different application fields, accuracy, and other integrated requirements for customers.


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