FCM 8101X

Auto laser drilling system

Auto laser drilling system

High speed, reliable and low maintenance system

Multi-fuctional laser application, including through via drilling (THV) / Routing / Patterning / Marking: Character, 2D martix

  • Markets

    Semi-conductor/ Opto-electrical /PCB industry

  • Applications

    Through via drilling (THV) / Routing / Patterning / Marking: Character, 2D matrix

  • Materials

    PCB / Ceramic substrate, metal sheet



■  Features:

–  Industry-leading capabilities for laser via drilling

–  Low cost of ownership

–  high-accuracy and high-speed processing solution

–  Self-developed R&D team, provides friendly user interface

–  Multi-functional micromachining in one stage

–  Support DXF format  


Why FitTech?


FitTech focus on design and manufacturing photoelectric related system. We provide accurate and exquisite processing quality with leading R&D capability.

With well experienced and our completed and elite R&D team, customized such as automated, integrated with robot, system integration, etc. are all available.

FitTech's Laser cutting/drilling Machine that design and manufactured in Taiwan. And we also provide instance after service by our elite technical team.



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