FCM 7024

Auto dual-laser strip cutting system

Auto dual-laser strip cutting system
Apply to Micro SD card, CSP, etc. graphic laser cutting. High throughput by dual laser.

Equipped with powerful suction device.

  • Markets:

    Semi-conductor/ Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Applications:


  • Materials:

    Micro SD Card、CSP




Applications of Strip Cutting

Apply to Micro SD card, CSP, etc. graphic laser cutting.


■ Dual cutting modules, easy calibration.

■ High accuracy area scan.

■ Powerful suction device.

■ Self-owned R&D team designed optical module and laser S/W integration.

■ Smart system, implement the SECS/GEM standard.

■Post-mark inspection (optional) .  



Sample of Strip Cutting

Clean side-walls with precise dimensions and virtually zero debris.




Why FitTech?


FitTech focus on design and manufacturing photoelectric related system. We provide accurate and exquisite processing quality with leading R&D capability.

With well experienced and our completed and elite R&D team, customized such as automated, integrated with robot, system integration, etc. are all available.

FitTech's Laser cutting/drilling Machine that design and manufactured in Taiwan. And we also provide instance after service by our elite technical team.



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Item Specification
Substrate Size

(W) 40mm-100mm * (L) 180mm-300mm

Warpage≦ 5mm
Cooling system

Optical Fiber laser: Air-cooling

DPSS laser: Water-cooling


Brush & Suction (Dynamic)


4 magazines
PC ControlWindows Base. 1 PC or dual PC are available
CleaningBrush and particle exhaust 
Dimension & weight(W) 3500mm * (D) 2000mm * (H) 2000mm, 2500 KgsDimension