FitTech gets TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) certification and praised by IDB

2021-03-03 | News

FitTech introduced and got the TIPS certification in 2019. In 2021, we get the class A certification again and praised by Jang-Hwa Leu, director general of IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) on the ceremony on February 3rd.

High accuracy mechanism design, self-development integration software and quick manufacturing ability are core technologies of FitTech. In order to maintain our R&D technologies and relevant intellectual properties, we introduced TIPS, and focus on maintenance, use and protection of our patents, trademark, copyrights and trade secrets.

It’s the third year FitTech implement TIPS, we improved the intellectual property management system, raised the knowledge and protection

awareness of intellectual property of employees, and registered trademark to enhance brand image and invested in the patent portfolio to protect the key technologies of FitTech.